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The Beacon Community Charitable Foundation was set up to help educate people with practical steps that they can take to help improve their health. Many people live with an ailment which they do not fully understand. This could be due to a language barrier, not having the time to discuss it with your GP or you may be caring for someone who deals with an ailment and would like to learn more.

As part of our social responsibility we provide public health education events in locations such as libraries, support organisations and health centres, promoting health awareness among underprivileged communities.

We intend to host as many events throughout the years, covering a wide variety of topics.

The events are and will always be free to the public, with all costs of the event funded by Beacon Medical Services Group, Beacon Health Care LTD and various other sponsors. The events contain guest speakers ranging from medical practitioners, pharmacists and specialists to volunteers who have or are currently going through the same experience and can impart their knowledge for self care.

Skating Edge Awards Ceremony

As part of our corporate social responsibility Beacon Medical Services Group has set up a charitable arm under the name of Beacon Community Charitable Foundation. The Foundation was set up to help educate people with practical steps that they can take to help improve their health and wellbeing, focusing primarily on lower income areas and the BAME community to help tackle health inequalities. We also believe in supporting not-for-profit organizations who are actively improving their local communities and undertake activities which we believe to be beneficial to health and wellbeing.

On Saturday 15th of October 2022 Beacon CCF and our partners at the Skating Edge Academy hosted an award ceremony for their skating teams, acknowledging all their great achievements locally, nationally, and internationally. Beacon CCF is the official sponsor of the skating academy and have a continued relationship with the team as a supporter of their cause and admirers of the skating abilities presented by the academy.

Skating Edge Academy is a not-for-profit whose aim is to get people active, promote health and wellbeing, socializing and being part of a team. The academy believes in the promotion of roller skating regardless of race, gender, disability, sexuality, age, religion, or belief and ensure the academy is a safe and enjoyable experience for all. They teach skaters of all ages and abilities from beginner skaters right through to international standards. Based in Openshaw, North Manchester, the academy has established itself as a pillar of its local sporting community.

As part of the Beacon CCF awards ceremony, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the dedication and selfless commitment provided by skating edges expert coaching team. Kirsty Fraser, along with Donna, and Gaynor Anderson make up the team of highly dedicated volunteers who teach the skaters 5 days a week. Their dedication and attitude to continued improvement has led to their skaters representing the academy on the international stage.

Not only does the academy boast amazing coaches, but the skating team has also performed exceptionally well at regional, national, and international tournaments; often with their skaters finishing in podium positions. Along with acknowledging the amazing coaches, we gave awards for outstanding achievement, awarded their amazing fundraising efforts, and even had a go at skating ourselves. Fantastic day and smiles all around, keep up the amazing work team!

Community Health Education Awareness Events

Our Health awareness events are also attended by not for profit organisations that are supporting the community. Above we have the Homeless Friendly Charity that we helped set up and a local Gym representative from Arcadia Library and Leisure Centre advising the public on how to access exercise classes.

We play an active role in supporting Health initiatives that can benefit society and are proud to be taking a lead in the area of Diabetes and its impact on BAME communities. We are working with a number of charitable organisations and NHS England on this particular initiative.

GP Education

BCCF plays a pro-active role in supporting GPs working within primary care. We organise and deliver free training sessions for GPs with a focus on sharing best clinical practice and improved patient management. We are proud to have delivered training to more than 400 GPs in recent years and look forward to continuing to do so. Our training sessions support with up-skilling of experienced and new GPs and ultimately results in improved patient care.



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